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My name is Gabrielle

And I’m here to make you a successful entrepreneur through LifeCasting School of Art.

There is not better time to create a business from home than now. Combine your creative passion and gain financial success.

The magic you’ll capture
is the memory of

Create unforgettable impressions using specialized materials to capture a mirror image. You’ll learn to create invaluable keepsakes of a fleeting moment in time. A reference to something that is a reminder for generations to come. How can you not love that?

Children’s keepsake impressions are incredibly popular with families and it’s your opportunity to create a life you will love. 

Why LifeCasting School of Art?

LCSA is an internationally recognized Canadian based life-casting art school – providing interactive video based training and hands on training to novices and experienced alike.
Keepsake images as 3D sculptures taken by direct impression from babies hands and feet are just one of the many training options we offer.
Gabrielle Fischer is a highly skilled artist with a long history in the fine arts. Her expertise as a teacher and creator are well known in the industry.

Fast track your skills, learn from the best and start earning. Avoid trial and error through easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates and resource lists. Preview each tutorial as we walk you through from start to finish.

The best home based business is the one you start

because you are passionate about the work & interested in the process.

View the large variety of designs available through Gabrielle’s creativity and increase your revenue with more choices for your clients.

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If you are able to travel, this is the best way to have hands on training. Experience the learning process with models to create beautiful shadow boxes and free standing casting sculptures.

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Take an Online Course

If traveling is not possible, learn through detailed video tutorials. Work at your own speed as you access each program and repeat as many times as you need. We are here for you.”

Work online at your own pace


“I recently attended Gabrielle’s workshop on casting babies’ hands and feet, medallions, and framing and display techniques. Her expertise and accomplishments are off the scale!”

-Randy Cameron, Bridgewater, NS


Here’s what you’ll receive…


A list of wholesalers we use for frames and materials


Images of tools and supplies used


What documents you need for your business


Social media and marketing suggestions


Free images from LCSA to start your business on line


Certificate of completion as Certified LifeCasting Artist


Full instructions on how to create casting impressions


Weekly Webinar For Q & A


Notifications To New Designs

Online Course Breakdown

Belly and Body Casting Sculptures

– How to create small belly casting sculptures

– How to create half front torso prenatal casting (lower face to below the belly)

– How to create plaster bandage front torso prenatal sculptures (in several styles)

– How to create large body casting sculptures for wall mounting

Baby Casting and Framing

– Baby and mother hand and foot casting materials and method

– How to Frame your castings – Triple Window – Double Window – Single Window

– How to create Mother and child holding hands for free standing sculpture

– How to create Group castings – in container – as table top

– What materials to use for displaying free standing sculptures

– How to create engagement casting sculptures with ring on base

– How to create ballerina casting sculptures and how to mount on base

– How to create children and adult hands holding objects or toys in the casting sculpture

How to create clear resin casting from your original plaster sculpture

– info


Products to use to create skin safe face casting (or bust)



Examples of various finishes for your sculptures


What you’ll receive in your eBook


  • Join me for weekly webinars as we answer questions and provide additional information.
  • Catchier call to action and some info about the ebook, what the consumer will learn and how it’ll benefit from it

What’s Included in the 3 Day In-Studio Workshop


Prenatal belly casting sculptures


Baby hand and feet impressions


Mom and baby holding hands


How to frame in deep shadow box frames


Understanding framing formats


Raised Impressions as Medallions


Group or family castings

Workshop to Create a Business From Home


How to create prenatal belly casting with models


Create a mother and child hand casting composition


How to create medallion and free form castings


Learn how to set up a business from your home


3-day in-studio workshop or On-line video tutorials

In-Studio Course Breakdown

Day 1

– Prenatal Casting with model
– Two applications – a) small cast with alginate, b) large cast with plaster bandage.
– Plaster bandage design and decoration options.
– How to re-enforce both castings
– How to prepare both sculptures for either wall hanging or standing base
– How to mix 3 min. alginate using proper proportions and water temperature
– What tools and materials to use and where to purchase on going supplies
– Discussion with regard to operating a business from home
– Marketing information, list of wholesalers and ongoing support

Day 2

– Adult hand casting using 3 min. alginate
– Visit from Mom and baby for two hand and two feet casting sculptures.
– Mother and child hand casting composition and method
– How to create Medallion and Free Form castings
– How to mix and pour casting stone to create “the positive”
– De-molding your castings – what tools to use – problem solving discussion
– Create additional samples to take home

Day 3

– Completion of all casting sculptures
– Preparing castings for framing
– What finishes and sealers to use
– Understanding framing techniques and formats developed by Life Casting School of Art
– How to prepare and secure the sculptures in-to the shadow box
– Finishing your frames for presentation
– Understanding acid free mats and why it is important
– Presentation of Certificate of Completion from Life Casting School of Art

“I had been interested in starting up my own small business of life casting for a few years and when I came upon Gabrielle’s website with the information about her various workshops, I knew that this was the opportunity for me.”

-Erin Frampton, Brantford, ON

“Had an amazing weekend with you and learned so much. You are a true inspiration to us newbies. I look forward to taking this business forward and depend on you for advice and support in this process.”

-Mahvish Mansoor, Mississauga, ON |


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